Jenn: Best of Both Dates – SPF 2012

Last month, I asked Romel if he wanted to come with me to SPF 2012 so that we could see one of my fave bands for the past couple of months, ONEREPUBLIC! We bought the tickets right away, sticking with bleacher tickets and waited patiently for July 7th to come.

On the day of the event, I packed a bag of goodies and slapped on a tub of sun block lotion and we were off! As Romel mentioned, I am afraid of heights and he gets dizzy easily… We’re such an odd pair! But we had to sacrifice our fears and pains for one another so that we could go on our favorite rides together: the music ride for me and the wooden roller coaster for him (OMGWTFBBQZ)!

After the rides, we got some refreshments (courtesy of one of my best friends!):

And of course, how could we not get mini doughnuts!

Afterwards, headed to the stage to catch the GYM CLASS HEROES! They were awesome – Travis McCoy was a hilarious emcee and guess what? They sang CLOTHES OFF! , one of my fave songs by them!

After the show, we headed back into Playland to try our luck at a few games and grab something to eat.

Here is a photo of Romel *almost* winning me a WII:

Of course, we had to grab dinner at the infamous White Spot – Triple O’s. I grabbed some chicken strips and a chocolate milkshake and Romel ordered a double double cheeseburger and fries.

THEN, the moment we’ve been waiting for all day: ONE REPUBLIC!!! Ahh… Brent Kutzle on the cello made my heart melt. Oh how I love the sound of the cello!!! They played all of the songs we wanted to hear, from Secrets to Apologize, Good Life and Marchin’ On! And.. and.. and.. Ryan Tedder did an awesome on the spot cover of WE FOUND LOVE by Rihanna and SEXY BACK by Justin Timberlake. They ended the show with Wakin’ Up and of course, that long instrumental ending! Here is a photo of Brent rocking it out on the cello:

THANKS Romel for taking me to this! It will definitely be one of my highlights of summer! 🙂

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