Romel: What’s App Wednesday – NHL 13 Companion

This week I’ll be giving a brief overview of the NHL 13 Companion App available on the App Store.

NHL 13 is the latest and greatest title for EA’s NHL franchise. This year, they’ve added a lot of major improvements to the game and this is the first time that they’ve released a companion app to go with the game. My favorite changes so far have been the new skating engine, better goalie save animations, and the new “GM Connected” mode. If you’re a fan of hockey and the franchise, I would definitely get it since it really feels like a whole new game and not just some incremental changes.

The NHL 13 Companion app is great for those who really like to get into the other game modes. It helps you keep track of things outside of the game. For GM Connected you can make trade offers to other GMs in your league and you can also view different stats and get the latest news of your league. For HUT you can make view the cards available and you can also purchase them.

It’s a great little app for those who like to take NHL 13 a little bit more seriously than just a versus match every now and then.

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