Jenn: What’s App Wednesday – Haiku Deck

Public speaking is a fear that I, like many others, have yet to overcome. However, I do enjoy making presentations, from Powerpoints to Prezi’s. This week, the app I chose to share is called ‘Haiku Deck’. It’s a great tool for helping you make beautiful presentations. There are many things that I love about Haiku Deck. First of all, the templates they provide you are very modern and better yet, a lot of them are free! Another feature that I found unique was how they’ve incorporated a way to find images related to what you’re presenting. They’ll take the text that you’ve written on your slide and help you search for related images which you can use to enhance your presentation. Here are a few screenshots I took of a (pretend) presentation I was making:

20121003-102752.jpg 20121003-102808.jpg

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