Jenn: What’s App Wednesday – Phoster

Before I introduce my app of the week, I wanted to showcase this little zombie I made using the app, MakeaZombie! After all, it is Halloween!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these. Romel’s sister actually reminded us to make this post, so I hope you’re reading this Sheryl! The app I’ve chosen this week is called “Phoster”. I love making posters and cards/invitations and this app allows you to do so in a modern way! There are a lot of different layouts to choose from. Most of them are very minimalistic and have beautiful typography. After you’ve chosen which layout you like, you can customize your work by adding your own photos, text, and colours. It’s easy to use and allows you to personalize your piece even if you are starting from a template. The next step allows you to add some other cool features to your final product – from coffee stains to colour blocks.

Here’s an example I made (in less than 5 minutes) using one of Romel’s photos from New York:


When I do have more time, I’d like to try this app out a little more and maybe even use it in creating a spread for the best of both!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂

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