Romel: What’s App Wednesday – Letterpress

This week I’ll be showcasing the app Letterpress. It’s been on the homepage of the App Store for a while now but I haven’t really gotten a chance to try it out until now.

It’s a very simple but fun word game. I really like the simple design of the app but the little animations here and there really make the experience great.

You start off with a 5×5 board with letters in each tile. The objective of the game is to have more owned tiles than your opponent. To get a tile, you create a word that is 2 or more letters and the tile is yours. Your opponent can steal the tile from you (use it in their word) unless you protect it (surround the tile with more tiles of yours). The game ends when the whole board is owned or if two turns are passed.

Also, it’s better to create words in the same area than it is to create longer words spread out around the board.

Add me on Gamecenter and we can play a few rounds 😉 romeldris is my account name


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