Simcoe Turns One

Last weekend, this not-so-little pup turned one! We threw him a last-minute lunch with our family, which included some sushi take-out and of course, a dog-friendly peanut butter birthday cake from Three Dogs Bakery.

Our go-to sushi take-out is Sushi California on Broadway. We’ve eaten here multiple times and keep finding our way back. Some of our favourite items on the menu are the spicy salmon sashimi and the crunch house roll. We also like their agedashi tofu and assorted tempura!

This dog is not a fan of a wearing things on his head… I think the first photo below he’s thinking, “Mom, are you really making me do this?” It took a few shots (and a few treats) until this silly hat kept its place.

It was our first time purchasing a cake from Three Dogs Bakery and although we didn’t try the cake ourselves, it seemed like Simcoe thoroughly enjoyed it! We would highly recommend the shop for baked dog treats + goodies. And there are also plenty of cute cafes nearby for human treats too!

Happy birthday, Simcoe! We are so happy to have you in our lives… most of the time!

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