Quarry Rock Hike

Romel and I ventured off to North Vancouver with Simcoe for his first hike ever at Quarry Rock earlier this month. Before coming to Simcoe’s first hike, we’ve had a few reservations about taking this pup on a hike… If you have yet to meet Simcoe, you should know that:

(1) he eats anything + everything, including one of my no-show socks (don’t worry, it came out eventually)

(2) he can be a *tad* on the energetic side – strangers’ usual comments upon encountering Simcoe include: “wow, so much energy…” or “so energetic!” or “he’s so excited!”

(3) he has a history of just “plopping” whenever + wherever in the middle of a walk if he so desires to (as seen in the photo below) – on several occasions, which our biceps have thanked us for, we’ve had to carry this booger home

Surprisingly enough, Simcoe was a champ on this hike! The Quarry Rock trail was slightly more difficult than what we had imagined with multiple areas of steep steps + bridges, surrounded by trees. Regardless, Simcoe was super adventurous and easily made his way up over the rocks + roots. Turned out to be Roms who was holding us back!

Unfortunately, our view was somewhat hidden amongst the smoke from the forest fires but we were happy to make it to the top (and take a quick break!) And of course, Roms obviously had to do his signature pose…

Overall, the hike took us about 2ish hours to complete (and Roms about 3 hours… jk!) As soon as we got into the car, Simcoe was fast asleep and only briefly woken up by the smell of take-out pizza from East Van Pizza. The poor guy basically slept for the rest of the day. Hopefully we will be taking Simcoe on a few more dog-friendly hikes!

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