The adventure continues…

Hi everyone!

After disappearing for a few years, we have finally decided to return to blogging (and with a new domain and design!) Looking back at our previous posts, we really appreciated having a place to collect memories + photos (especially embarrassing outfit ones like this). Our hope is to continue to use the blog as a medium to share our adventures, as well as challenge each other to be creative. We have a few ideas of what we want to blog about, from more weekly challenges to #nomswithroms, and Vancouver neighbourhood explorations – so stay tuned!

So, what have we been up to these past few years?

Romel: There’s been quite a bit going on the past few years, I moved from San Francisco to Toronto, travelled to Europe a few times and now back in Vancouver. I’m still a Software Developer and have now been working remotely since we moved to Toronto, which has been an interesting experience in itself.

I’ve really gotten into cooking after moving to Toronto and having an excuse to cook real meals. I want to try and be the best home cook I can be and eventually audition for MasterChef Canada. I do plan on posting a lot more photos and video of what I create on here.

This summer, I’ve also really gotten into cycling a lot. I’ve really been enjoying just getting on my bike and riding. I do plan on taking it seriously and I want to be able to hit some milestones I’ve set for my self. I’m still really new to the sport but so far it’s been a blast. I’ll share what I’ve come to love about the sport once in a while!



Jenn: In other news, I’m finally finished with school.. at least for now (just kidding). It’s been almost a year since I’ve finished the program, graduated, and completed the OT exam. Soon after, we moved back to Vancouver with a new little addition to our family – Simcoe! Romel came home with this little pup right in the midst of studying for the exam (maybe not one of our brightest ideas). Simcoe, named after the street of our Toronto apartment building, is a shihtzu + yorkshire terrier mix aka a “shorkie” or as Roms likes to call him a “york-shit”.

Life post-graduation has been a big change for me – from preschool to elementary to high school to UBC and then U of T… I knew nothing BUT school and now, I’m working?! The transition has definitely been challenging, but I’m gradually embracing my new role.

Between work and being a puppy mama, my days are pretty booked. However, I am trying to tap back into my creative side and look forward to posting more of my ideas + designs on the blog! We’re also still in the process of furnishing our new place, as well as are excited to check out the neighbourhoods + eats in our hometown that we’ve missed out on!




So that brings us back to the here + now. Please stay tuned for where our adventures lead us to next. And in the meanwhile, check out our adventures page to explore some of our travels over the past couple of years!

Much love,

J + R …and Simcoe!


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