Lighthouse Park with Simcoe

During my stay-cation, Romel and I headed over to Lighthouse Park with Simcoe for a nice morning hike. Lighthouse Park is great because there are several routes to choose from, varying in degrees of difficulty. We took a relatively simple path given I was 31 weeks preggy at the time, but it was enjoyable nonetheless!

As always, Simcoe was the more adventurous hiker! There’s something about being in the wilderness that gets him so excited. He quickly made his way through the forest areas, making it difficult for Romel and I to keep up. He also met a few other dogs + humans during our journey!

The trail up to the view point was a bit on the steeper side but Simcoe clearly had no problems with that! There’s a small pathway embedded within the boulders in order to reach the view point. We stopped by for a few photos and made our way back down. There was also a little water area for dogs nearby this point!

Overall, the hike took us just little over an hour to complete – not too bad! I feel like we would take Simcoe here more often if we lived a lot closer as it’s an easy and relaxing walk, as well as super dog friendly. Next time we’re back we’ll have to try a different pathway!

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