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June 15, 2018

With less than a month to go until baby pops out, we wanted to write about a few things that helped us get through this pregnancy thus far!

Jenn: The first trimester was all about the G’s = Grey’s Anatomy, grilled cheese, and ginger ale. (1) I started watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time ever late last year and binged through the first couple… several… seasons. I’m not caught all the way up quite yet, but don’t worry I’ll get there. (2) Romel has been pretty good with waking up in the morning to prepare breakfast for baby + me. Our usual order – particularly in the first trimester – was grilled cheese with LOADS (and I mean, LOADS) of ketchup. (3) Lastly, I haven’t drank this much ginger ale or carbonated drinks in my life! Did anyone else have this experience?! I’ve grown to love anything with bubbles – from Ginger Ale to Le Croix and San Pellegrino.

Romel: I got really good at waking up in the morning during the first trimester. I’m typically not a morning person at all but I was able to consistently get up to always make a nice breakfast for Jenn. This really helped since she didn’t have to worry about rushing to get ready as well as preparing her own breakfast. I can now always wake up at 7 am without having to fight to get out of my bed.

Jenn: Oh, the Toronto Raptors! What would I have done without them during this pregnancy. I’ve watched basketball games here and there in the past – but during this pregnancy, I followed the Raptors pretty religiously. Romel and I even talked about going to Toronto if they made it to the finals to watch a game, despite the baby likely being due around the same time – unfortunately, they didn’t make it. I was even giving serious thought about naming the baby ‘Jonas Demar’ (boy or girl, haha)!

Romel: The Raptors really did a great job getting us along the pregnancy, it was something that we could do almost every other day and was also counting us down to our due date! The regular season and playoffs ended just in time! I also started working on an app with a few friends called SportsQ Trivia – it’s an app where you can catch up with your NBA highlights and news and answer questions to try and win a cash prize.

Jenn: My main form of exercise lately has been walking! Luckily for me, Simcoe the Shorkie is also a fan of walking (unlike Roms). The weather has been especially gorgeous this past week, so we’ve explored our neighbourhood quite a bit. If I’m averaging 10k steps, does that mean Simcoe is doing 2x that amount with his four legs?! After walks with Simcoe and/or long days at work, my feet/legs tend to ache pretty bad. Romel has been so good at giving them a massage. Thank you for putting up with my stinky feet!

Romel: I’ve been trying to walk with Jenn and Simcoe whenever I have time but usually it’s tight and we typically go on much longer walks on the weekend instead! I’ve been getting back into cycling and trying to make the most out of my bike before baby Romifer pops out. As a lot of more experienced people have told me, I actually won’t be able to find the time or energy to go on rides for a little while. I will do my best to prove them wrong (just kidding, I’ll most likely get a trainer)!

Jenn: I found it really challenging to find good maternity clothes, but the one thing that I would definitely recommend getting are some good maternity pants! I especially like the ones with a wide band for your belly as they tend to stay in place. I found myself pulling my pants up constantly with the ones with elastic at just the pockets. As for blouses, I’ve been able to fit in most of my old clothing but many are starting to look like cropped tops!

Romel: I learned very early in this pregnancy NOT to buy maternity clothes for Jenn as she’ll most likely return it and get something else.

Jenn + Romel: Lastly, and most importantly, we would not have made it through this pregnancy without the support from our family and friends. Thank you all so much for your love these past 9 months. We are so excited to share our little bundle of joy with all of you soon!

PS: Special thank you to my brother, Jomar, for taking these photos of us! Find him on insta at visual.instantiation! 🙂

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