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Jenn Weds Roms

January 25, 2015
Jenn Weds Roms - hero

So… a lot has changed since we last updated the blog. We kinda sorta got married! It all happened on our sixth anniversary, January 3, 2015, in Vancouver, to be exact. We like to joke around that it was a destination wedding… for the both of us! Romel flew in on the 18th of December, …

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The Best of Both in NY!

December 20, 2013
The Best of Both in NY! - hero

Last week, Jenn and I travelled to New York and went on a little adventure! This is the first adventure that we’ve had together that has involved a flying aircraft. It was an amazing experience, and New York is definitely one of our favorite places and we hope to be back again! Here are a …

Romel: And We're Back!

July 15, 2013
Romel: And We're Back! - hero

We’re finally able to post again! Sorry for the really long delay. Jenn and I have been a bit busy with our day to day lives but have finally been able to catch up! This is currently our soft launch and we’re still (slowly but surely) implementing a few more features to the site, but …

Romel: Week 2 Challenge - Light Painting

June 18, 2012
Romel: Week 2 Challenge - Light Painting - hero

Last week I challenged Jenn to see what kind of light painting she could make! How well would she be able to draw using the air as her canvas instead of a piece of paper? Here is my submission to this week’s challenge for a light painting: It’s a light graffiti thing that I drew!

Jenn: Week 2 Challenge - Light Painting

June 18, 2012
Jenn: Week 2 Challenge - Light Painting - hero

Here is my main submission to the light painting challenge! I made a few light paintings and couldn’t choose my favorite! Here are a few more: When I was making the orb (the circle) my flashlight got loose from the rope and went flying onto the street! I was so close to hitting my brother’s …

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The Best of Both started in 2012 as a blog of a boy and a girl with a wide variety of interests, from fashion and video games to biochemistry and computer science. The blog was a medium to challenge each other to be creative, share their ideas + perspectives, and capture their adventures.

A couple of years later, life happened – they got engaged, he moved to San Francisco, she moved to Toronto, and they got married in Vancouver somewhere in between. After months of traveling back + forth, he moved to Toronto, where she stayed up late listening to Counterstrike strats and he unwillingly participated in Saturday morning cleaning. Fast forward, they had many more adventures, got a puppy named Simcoe (the name of the street of their Toronto home), and shipped all of their things across the country (i.e. his board games + collectibles, her textbooks + shoes).


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