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I Doughnut Want To Get Married Without You!

May 05, 2014
I Doughnut Want To Get Married Without You! - hero

On Saturday afternoon, I invited a few of my best girl friends over for some afternoon tea. I’ve been meaning to ask these girls a special question for quite a while and wanted to do so in a creative way. Finally, the idea came to me that I should throw a tea party! For the past week, …

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Photography Party

September 23, 2013
Photography Party - hero

This past weekend, we celebrated my little brother’s birthday. He’s finally 19 – and you all know what that means… Alcohol (and lots of it!). I mean… Cameras (and lots of it)! Against my brother’s better judgement, I invoked a photography theme to his party. I decided to make a camera cake, camera cookies, camera …

Jenn: 2 Skirts, 1 Fabric

August 04, 2013

As mentioned in my previous post, I was working on an asymmetrical skirt for the last project of my sewing course. I actually ended up making two skirts from this pretty mint textured fabric I purchased from Dressew. The first one I made was an elastic waist skirt. I love the way this one comes …

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The Best of Both started in 2012 as a blog of a boy and a girl with a wide variety of interests, from fashion and video games to biochemistry and computer science. The blog was a medium to challenge each other to be creative, share their ideas + perspectives, and capture their adventures.

A couple of years later, life happened – they got engaged, he moved to San Francisco, she moved to Toronto, and they got married in Vancouver somewhere in between. After months of traveling back + forth, he moved to Toronto, where she stayed up late listening to Counterstrike strats and he unwillingly participated in Saturday morning cleaning. Fast forward, they had many more adventures, got a puppy named Simcoe (the name of the street of their Toronto home), and shipped all of their things across the country (i.e. his board games + collectibles, her textbooks + shoes).


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