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Baby Shower'd With Love!

May 11, 2018
Baby Shower'd With Love! - hero

Our wonderful family and friends threw us a beautiful baby shower a little while ago! Everything was perfect from the delicious food + desserts, the entertaining conversations + games, and all the excitement + joy for our soon-to-be baby. We wanted to share a few highlights from the day! The shower decor was beautiful and …

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Lighthouse Park With Simcoe

May 05, 2018
Lighthouse Park With Simcoe - hero

During my stay-cation, Romel and I headed over to Lighthouse Park with Simcoe for a nice morning hike. Lighthouse Park is great because there are several routes to choose from, varying in degrees of difficulty. We took a relatively simple path given I was 31 weeks preggy at the time, but it was enjoyable nonetheless! …

Baby Bump In The Bay

March 04, 2018
Baby Bump In The Bay - hero

This month we had the opportunity to travel back to San Francisco together for the first time in a couple of years… I’m definitely missing those days when I could pack up my things and head over for a few weeks at a time, but life (i.e. work) happened! Romel headed out a few days …

nomswithroms Homemade Pasta

September 17, 2017
nomswithroms Homemade Pasta - hero

It’s been over 5 years since Jenn and I first cooked together in one of our Weekly Challenges, along with a video of our results.

A few weeks ago I watched an episode of Masterchef where the pressure test was fresh pasta. Each contestant was assigned a pasta and they had to create a dish with it. I became obsessed with wanting to create my own pasta and I did a lot of research. I read several different blogs and watched a good number of youtube videos. The best post I found was the Serious Eats: The Science of the Best Pasta. I used the recipe from there to start my nomswithroms Homemade Pasta adventures.

Main Streats: Toshi

August 30, 2017
Main Streats: Toshi - hero

A few years ago, we started writing New Year’s Resolutions. One year, a collective goal of ours was “to eat at every restaurant along Main Street”. Since then, we’ve moved here and there – but now that we are finally back, we hope to address this long-standing goal of ours! The series will be called …

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The Best of Both started in 2012 as a blog of a boy and a girl with a wide variety of interests, from fashion and video games to biochemistry and computer science. The blog was a medium to challenge each other to be creative, share their ideas + perspectives, and capture their adventures.

A couple of years later, life happened – they got engaged, he moved to San Francisco, she moved to Toronto, and they got married in Vancouver somewhere in between. After months of traveling back + forth, he moved to Toronto, where she stayed up late listening to Counterstrike strats and he unwillingly participated in Saturday morning cleaning. Fast forward, they had many more adventures, got a puppy named Simcoe (the name of the street of their Toronto home), and shipped all of their things across the country (i.e. his board games + collectibles, her textbooks + shoes).


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